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Sukera, known by her clients as 'painless Kera', is our resident body piercer here at Queens. A full qualified piercer, trained at the London Piercing Academy, Sukera strives to provide an inclusive, comfortable, and painless (as much as she can) experience to her diverse clientele. She does all kinds of piercings including ear (lobe, cartilage, projects), nipple (any gender), lip, smiley, eyebrow, septum, nose, and has a wide variety of jewellery in different metals and lengths for all body types. 

Piercings are done on an appointment basis, we can sometimes accommodate walk ins, on Saturday between 11am - 5pm. Please book in with Sukera via her Instagram below

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Piercings are carried out in a sterile and private room in the salon. Sukera uses titanium jewellery and of the equipment we use is always brand new, sterilised and or disposable.


Please make sure you have eaten within the last 4 hours before your piercing, although we do have some fizzy drinks on hand for those that require some extra sugar. If you appear to be intoxicated we will not be able to pierce you



Lobe's 1 or 2 - £15/£30 

Helix - £35

Conch - £40 

Rook - £35

Tragus - £35

Rook - £35 

Scaffold - £55 


Nose (stud) - £35 

Nose (ring) - £40 

Septum - £40 

Lip - £35-£45 

Navel - £40 

Nipple 1 - £40 

Nipple 2 - £75 

Eyebrow - £40 

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